All Natural Snacks with a Huge Helping of Flavor – My Food Groove Mission Super Food Bites Review

Disclaimer: I received box of Food Groove Mission Super Food Bites to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”


I think it is fair to say that as an adult, whether you have kids or not, it can be a challenge to eat healthy when life pulls you in a thousand different directions at high speed. Bars are a popular go to snack and more specific than that, all natural food bars. Why? I’ll tackle the all-natural part of that first. Unprocessed food is generally going to be easier to digest and better for absorbing nutrients. Why food bars? That is actually pretty easy. Food bars are small, easy to carry and even though they are small they can be filling enough to hold you off a while and if they are all natural then they can provide plenty of energy between meals.

Food Groove Mission has thrown another option into the mix and their Superfood Bites are everything you need. They offer three flavors: Holy Truffle Punch, The Nutty Adventurer and Mother Earth. Ingredients for all three flavors include a combination of seeds, nuts, berries, chocolate and honey. Mother Earth and Holy Truffle Punch are paleo friendly and all three are all-natural and are filled with organic ingredients. Just about everything you could want out of a snack. You can find their nutrition information HERE.

Remember when I mentioned that are natural bars are good because they can be filling? That is true. Sometimes it is too true and one bar is too much. So why not only eat some of it and save the rest for later? Have you ever tried to re-wrap a bar you’ve opened? It isn’t easy and if you don’t get back to it soon enough it may dry out. These Superfood Bites have the advantage there. They come in a resealable pouch and are perfect on-the-go or for storing in the pantry at home. Just a handful of bites (about half a bag) is enough for a pre-workout energy boost, in my experience from using them to fuel myself prior to my double digit training runs, and a whole bag (or more) post run goes a long way. I polished off a whole bag of The Nutty Adventurer after the Houston Marathon last month on my drive back to Dallas and it was a perfect snack.

Having healthy snacks around the house whether I am running or not is important because I am almost always being asked by one of my children to share my snacks. Not only did I not have any qualms about sharing these with my kids because they are all-natural but I was excited to share them because it is a really good way for them to get essential nutrients that they normally don’t get from food because convincing them to eat nuts and seeds by themselves is not an easy task. I happened to be partial to The Nutty Adventurer because I am a sucker for peanut butter. Throw in honey and I am hooked. My kids, on the other hand, went nuts for the Holy Truffle Punch.  Something tells me it was the combination of dark chocolate and coconut chips. That is not to say that they didn’t enjoy all of the flavors because they actually ended up eating a majority of the bites I received. These are 100% kid approved in my house and also 100% runner and active parent approved.

You can currently save 15% on your order, whether it is a variety pack (10 pouches of your choice or individual packs using code ‘BIBRAVE15’. This code is limit 1 per customer.

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