Hydration with Great Flavor! – My Ultima Replenisher Review

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Hydration is one of those things that we all need to worry about this time of year whether we are training for something or not. If you are active then there is a good chance you are sweating and if you are sweating you are losing water that your body will need back.

Not only will you need the water back but if you sweat a lot, whether through intense physical activity, just the heat or a combination of the two then you are also losing essential minerals too. That salt on your hat or on your clothes are important and you want to take that into account when rehydrating. Ultima Replenisher includes support minerals and all 6 electrolytes. These ingredients are essential to properly hydrating and rehydration.



Naturally chelated potassium aspartate. Potassium is a key electrolyte. We also use potassium phosphate, salts of potassium and phosphorus ions. 


Magnesium citrate and magnesium aspartate. We use two very absorbable forms of magnesium as it is a vital electrolyte to prevent cramps and fatigue.


Chloride as sodium chloride. Chloride is an essential electrolyte critically needed for the overall balance of body fluids.


We use calcium citrate and calcium ascorbate which are very absorbable forms of calcium. Calcium is a key electrolyte necessary for the bones and body function.


Zinc is a vital trace mineral. It is an electrolyte that most formulas leave out due to cost. It is critical for cell health and body function and a “go-to” for many to fight a common cold.


Phosphorus as potassium phosphate. As the second most abundant mineral in the body after calcium, phosphorus is good for the bones and teeth and present in every muscle cell as well as the body’s fluids.


Sodium chloride. Many sports drinks contain a great deal of sodium and use it as a preservative. Our formulation is similar to real food like oranges and bananas.


Manganese as manganese citrate. Manganese is a trace mineral needed for bone, skin and cartilage.

Being in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex I am experiencing warm temperatures regardless of the time of day. Even predawn the humidity keeps it warm enough to make me sweat before I really get going. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the temperatures warm enough that I can bust out my tank tops or run shirtless but there is no doubt that it is summer.

I’ve noted before that I am prone to sweating if I even look at the sun from inside for too long. I lose a lot of water and minerals through my sweat. I was excited to get to test Ultima because I am not a fan of relying on hydration drinks with artificial sweeteners or too much sugar. It upsets my stomach and isn’t worth the amount of electrolytes I might be getting back.

Ultima doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. That’s already a win for me. I was already familiar with Ultima a little as my wife used it for her post workout hydration needs. I had tasted the raspberry and was a fan. I was intrigued to try the cherry pomegranate, lemon, orange and grape that Ultima offers as well. They sent me a tub of raspberry, a tub of lemonade and three sample packs with all of the flavors I listed. I couldn’t have been more pleased by the flavors. A few of my fellow Bib Rave Pros loved the grape and I have to say it is a good flavor. The orange and cherry pomegranate were great but my favorite was the lemonade and a combination of the raspberry and lemonade. Once I discovered that combination I went back to it several times.

I not only tested this to hydrate prior to and after exercise myself but had my son test it out during his Field Day at school. He likes hydration drinks a lot and asks for them any time he works up a sweat. I am happy to be able to offer him one without so much sugar in it that he enjoys the taste of.

An upside of Ultima Replenisher is that it dissolves quite easily in only 16 oz. of water. It requires very little shaking and you don’t need an actual shaker bottle either. Might not seem like a big deal to most but if you are in a hurry or don’t have a shaker then it is a nice perk.

See what my fellow BRP’s think to and I hope you’ll try some for yourself. Right now you can use code “ULBRAVE19” for 10% off the amazon.com/shops/ultimareplenisher storefront.

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Now Foods BCAA Big 6 – A New Fuel and Recovery Tool

Disclaimer: I received NOW Foods BCAA Big 6 to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.
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Before my latest Achilles injury I was not someone who was knowledgeable or into any kind of supplements. I would occasionally take some vegan protein powder but only when I was low or out of my go-to protein meals. I have no aversion to supplements by any means. I prefer to get my nutrients directly from my food .

When I was given the opportunity to test a BCAA I first had to learn what they even were. I had seen fellow runners sing their praises but felt so in the dark. I decided to do some digging. I learned that *Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential amino acids that serve as the building blocks of protein, which helps to fuel your muscles during workout and can also help support muscle recovery post-workout. They’re called essential because the body doesn’t make them on its own, so you need to supplement or get from them from your diet. It was that last line that really intrigued me.

After learning what these branched chain amino acids were I realized I wasn’t getting enough from my diet and jumped at this chance.

While I do include some animal based protein in my diet I do tend to eat as vegetarian as I can when I can. The fact that *BCAA Big 6 from NOW Sports, is a vegan, caffeine-free formula of BCAAs, plus betaine to help maintain fluid balance, and taurine, which can further support endurance* is a bonus.

I was really only looking at this supplement from a recovery standpoint and hadn’t thought about the hydration or endurance support side of it until I started using it. The recommended use is one scoop per 16-20 oz. of liquid but I found that even in a little bit more than 20 oz the great taste of both the grape and watermelon flavors stood out.

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I am out of town and doing something a bit different this week at work and it requires A LOT of walking. It's not running but look at that mileage. I knew I would need something formulated to help me with recovery at the end of the day so I mixed up some @nowfoodsofficial BCAA Big 6. It is also formulated for endurance so I'll probably take some in the morning because I get to do this all over again tomorrow. From now through 1-November 15, use code 20NOWBCAA on Amazon.com (or visit this link https://www.amazon.com/promocode/A1G65M39SCQHX5) for 20% off both varieties of BCAA Big 6. Code is limited to one-time use only. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.* #NowBR #BibChat #BibRavePro #nowgetfit

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While testing this product I didn’t have any particularly long or strenuous workouts so I can’t say I was able to notice how this helped with endurance in those settings but I did make it a point to drink a little before any runs that were 5 miles plus. If I can take a supplement that is formulated for hydration and to help support endurance then I am going to take it.

From a recovery standpoint I didn’t notice a giant difference in muscle soreness but there were times where I felt like my recovery after harder workouts/runs was a bit easier. For me, it’s important to find a brand you can trust, because many products marketed for sports/sports nutrition may have artificial ingredients, caffeine and adulterants. So bottom line is, I trust NOW Sports to support my active diet.

As my Houston Marathon training ramps up into longer distances and more intense workouts I will be sure to keep my NOW Foods BCAA Big 6 in my shaker and probably in my flasks to drink while on the run. The grape is especially flavorful but the watermelon is a great flavor as well.

Have you tried BCAA’s? If so, I would really love to hear from you as my marathon training cycle continues.

Want to try BCAA Big 6, too?! You’re in luck! Use code ’20NOWBCAA’ on Amazon.com for 20% off both varieties of BCAA Big 6. This code is valid thru Nov 15th and is good for single-use only.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I Will Never Need Another Vest – My Amphipod PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest Review

Disclaimer: I received an Amphipod PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

Prior to 2018 I had not really run distances long enough to necessitate carrying hydration or fuel with me. Finding the right way to do so seems like a right of passage for all runners when they start getting to long enough distances. My right of passage came during my training for the Texas Big Star Half.

Before I got my PureRun Minimalist vest my longest runs were rarely over 75 minutes and I never felt the need to bring anything extra with me other than my phone and house key. Wanting to make sure I was prepared for how this vest would feel on longer runs I strapped it on for several shorter runs. I didn’t really know that it really wasn’t necessary with this product.

Sizing is pretty basic for the vest. It comes in 2 sizes based on chest circumference so it was fairly easy to find the right fit for me. The size 1 vest fits 24″-40″ chests and the size 2 vest fits 36″-50″ chests. I actually fell into the 4″ inches where there is some overlap in the size so I decided to go with the size 2 vest just to be safe. Ultimately I think that using the size 1 would have worked out just as well because the vest was comfortable and didn’t ride up or move much at all even on my longer runs.

Speaking of how the vest fits, I was super impressed by the design and feel. It is very light in weight and without full flasks it felt like I was wearing a light jacket and not a hydration vest. The pockets for the flasks sat high on my abdomen and the tops of the bottles were just on my chest. This made access to the flasks quite easy because they rested at almost the same level as my arms while I was in motion. I could pull them out, drink and place them back in their pockets without looking by the 3rd or 4th run.

My first real test for the vest being loaded up was a 5K fun run and I am actually super glad I decided to bring it along. This was my son’s first attempt to run anything more than a half a mile at a time and I figured it would take a while so I loaded up the front pockets with some energy bars and my phone, filled the flasks and threw my wallet and keys into the rear pouch. There was no gear check for this race that I could find so this was a bit of a necessity. Let me tell you how happy I am that I had the PureRun Minimalist vest for this race.

We ended up being on course for an hour and fifteen minutes. It was cold and being over 3 miles I did lots of running/walking with a 7 year old on my back, shoulders and hips. If I had used a back pack for all the stuff I brought or loaded up my pockets then I’d have been miserable. Because the vest is so light, the chest pockets and flasks are so accessible I was able to carry my son and get to whatever I needed with ease and didn’t need to put him down in the process. Having snacks on course with a 12 oz. flask of water for each of us was such a gift.

Just one week after I used the vest for a fun run I was going to see what it was really made of. The Texas Big Star Half Marathon was my first half in a long time and I previous to this one I hadn’t taken any fuel or water with me on course. Training for this race was a little abnormal as I did an extreme taper starting about ten days out due to some achilles and calf tightness. I didn’t plan to push myself that hard and risk injury but I felt great after the first mile and was sticking pretty close to the 1:45:00 pacer, which was my initial plan before my injury, so I threw my easy run plan out the window.

If I hadn’t filled been prepared with two flasks filled with Nuun then this would have been a really bad idea. It was another cold race day with temps in the 30’s prior to the race so I was a little bit layered up on my upper body. This was great pre-race but I started to heat up really quickly once the sun came up. This meant lots of lost fluids to sweat. I needed every bit of the 24 oz. between the two flasks that come with the PureRun Minimalist so I am thankful that I had the vest.

There is zero doubt in my mind that I would have had to scuff this race early on without being able to carry water with me.  Carrying a handheld with this much water would have felt to clunky and likely would’ve thrown off my rhythm. I’m also not as comfortable with any kind of belts as they often ride up or aren’t as easy to get the water out of.  Instead of a scuffed run I ended up with a PR and nearly ran sub 1:44:00, which is a goal of mine in the near future.


Any morning that I go out for anything over a mile I will be wearing my vest. I can easily carry anything I would need in case of emergency without feeling bogged down by any noticeable weight. I feel confident in saying that even adding a full bladder on the back wouldn’t be bothered by the weight. The PureRun Minimalist Hydration vest has the potential to be used for much longer races with ample pocket space on the chest, in the back and the capability to hold a bladder as well. Whether you’re grinding out 5K’s in the spring/summer heat or trying to conquer an ultra distance race this vest will serve you well. I know I’ll never need another vest again!

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