Calf Compression and Me – My Body Helix Review

“Disclaimer: I received a Body Helix calf compression sleeve to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

For me, and I assume many, compression is an essential part of both the active and recovery portions of training. When analyzing what compression gear is right for me I look for something that is effective, comfortable and affordable.

I am in the midst of a new training cycle trying to prepare myself for my first race in nearly a year. Being asked to test something from Body Helix seemed like a natural fit since I need to make sure I can both protect my Achilles during activity and help with recovery.Β  Some calf sleeves are intended for use on the upper portion of the calf and may not be designed to taper in such away to help support the Achilles. Thankfully, the Body Helix Calf sleeve fits in such a way that it can be worn higher or lower on the calf depending on your needs. I will point out this may also partially depend on the size of your calf but it worked well for me in this regard. When wearing the sleeve I adjusted it so that it was lower on my calf and near the top/middle of my Achilles. There was no slip on either the top or bottom of my sleeve when worn like this, which speaks to how true to size these are using the sizing chart guides on their site. More so, though, it is a testament to their technology. Their gear is designed to stretch more in order to provide more flexibility and, at the same time, pulling back against the muscle to provide maximum compression.

This technology, in my opinion, sets it apart from other compression gear that I have worn. I have noticed the tendency to be for gear to provide that muscle pull back without extra stretching. This is something that works well for me for socks but for major muscle groups this is a problem because as athletes our muscles need to have that range of motion. I don’t know many people that want that restricted whether they are active or recovering.

I gave my calf sleeve plenty of chances to work for me as a recovery tool and as a workout aide. It works well in both arenas. I mentioned the non-slip nature of it earlier. With as sweaty as I get while bouncing up and down while running this thing never once slipped. I could feel the compression without the struggle of having to really pull it over my foot and onto my calf. As for recovery, I wore this thing a ton. Some days I was pressed for time and wore it under my work clothes on workout days. Why could I do this without smelling awful? Well, the material that Body Helix uses doesn’t hold onto odor either. I tested this out at home before trying at work but I never noticed any smell. Eventually I did have to wash it and it holds up very well to regular washing. Body Helix does say on their site that it can be washed after every workout and I trust this. In my experience it held up very well in terms of its stretch and compression.

I’m glad that I now have this tool in my toolkit. I’m hopeful that pairing this with a proper training plan that includes proper recovery (stretching and icing) that my Achilles will continue to feel good enough for me to race on soon.

Here comes the affordable part. For the quality of the product I feel that Body Helix is affordable. There will be items out there that are cheaper but I think you’ll find they don’t have the same attributes that make Body Helix work well, which I have covered here. Also, to make it more affordable, you can use code ‘BH15BR’ for 15% off everything on the site. Not just he calf sleeve but everything!

You can shop Body Helix’s full line HERE.

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