A Solo Runner’s Best Partner – My Sabre Safety Products Review

“Disclaimer: I received Sabre Safety Runner Series Products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

As a solo runner I am my only running buddy for most of my runs. I will occasionally take Ollie, my 100+ lbs St. Bernard puppy for a run but she is loud regardless of what she is doing so taking her out in the morning before everyone is awake is a chance I won’t take and when the sun is up this time of year she overheats very quickly. I will take the kids in the stroller when I go for a walk but these do not account for the majority of my runs.

So when I was offered the opportunity to make new friends with Sabre Red safety products designed for runners I didn’t have to think twice. My wife worries about my safety each time I go out in the dark and I can’t really blame her. There are so many dangers out on the road in the daytime and these are amplified when the sun isn’t even up yet. Drivers are less prepared to see runners for one but it is the time of day when one might be more susceptible to an attack. This isn’t something I like to think about but when I am running in the quiet of the morning it will hit me when a car passes me from behind that I didn’t hear coming or I hear a car door slam nearby.

Full disclosure is that before I tested out these products I had only ever run with handheld lights for visibility and safety. I had hesitated to ever carry more due to it seeming cumbersome to due so and not wanting to chance injuring myself in the process of defending myself.  The Runner Pepper Gel Spray takes away that worry with several features. Firstly, it has a hand strap which means it takes zero effort to hold while running so I don’t have to worry about trying to not lose my grip of it and it would be in the right position to discharge if need be. Secondly, there is a safety locking top that keeps it secure and prevents accidental discharge. The final safety feature involves the spray itself. It is made of a gel, which “virtually eliminates wind blowback and only affects what it contacts”.

This bad boy pictured above may be the crown jewel of the entire set. This personal alarm straps perfectly onto the wrist and is activated by pulling the pin at the bottom. The pin is secure enough that it is very unlikely to get jostled out of place on a run unless it is pulled out. Let me warn you that if you plan on testing this personal alarm out  then you should do so away from people as much as possible. It has a loud as heck alarm, which tops the meters at 130 dB and this can be heard from a whopping 1,000 feet away. This is more than enough to scare off a would-be attacker and bring attention to your emergency.

If you like the idea of a personal alarm like that one but don’t think you’ll need that much kick or would like to make sure you can be spotted in the dark, well Sabre has you covered there as well.

Sabre Light with Clip

This personal alarm with an LED light and a clip is a fantastic tool. The light has settings that allow you to choose between a solid or flashing (two speeds) light. TI he clip is strong enough to be attached to an arm strap with a phone or a piece of clothing. It is lightweight and the alarm still packs quite the punch. It registers at 120 dB, which is still good for a 600 ft range. It might seem redundant to carry both alarms but I am a fan of taking extra precautions. It requires no effort to bring them along with you and with one having a light and the other having a higher range then you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using them both. You can see in my photo below that I am using all three products and it couldn’t have been easier to do.

Now that I have used these products on both walks and runs by myself and with my family I won’t ever feel alone on a run. Sure, I won’t be able to strike up a conversation with them but they will provide me with a sense of safety and security, which is something a running buddy provides. If you’ll take another look at my first photo you’ll see that Sabre provided me with a second personal alarm/LED light and pepper gel spray. They did this so I could provide them to a running buddy of my choosing. Even though my wife doesn’t run she does frequently take walks and hikes with the kids. She can’t always bring the dog because three kids and a dog is a lot to handle. For the peace of mind that having these items with provide to her and I, I am very grateful. I’m glad my wife and I will get to #RunTogether with Sabre.

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