My BibBoards Product Review

Disclaimer: I received BibBoards to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Let’s admit something first. We all love races and we all love our race day clothes. Now, let’s not pretend like we enjoy using safety pins and putting holes in those race day clothes. It’s because of this that I jumped at the opportunity to test BibBoards.

If you are reading this blog I am sure you are somewhat familiar with safety pin alternatives but maybe you aren’t and that’s okay. I’m here to let you in on a secret: BibBoards are a great tool for runners on race day.

How do BibBoard work? They are actually fairly simple I design but remarkably effective in function. The front half of the BibBoard, where the design lives, has a small recess on the back where the peg from the back half snaps into it. The tutorial and accompanying video on the BibBoard website explains it very well. If you are unsure at all how easy they are to use then you should give it a quick view.

Now I am fully aware that not everyone wears their best kit on race day and that sometimes the weather or nature of the race calls for a more seasoned pair of shorts, shirt or jacket. Well, regardless of how old or well-loved a piece of clothing is BibBoards leave no lasting mark and definitely no holes. All that is left is a small divet  that doesn’t stick around. If you don’t mind the smell of your clothes after a race, you could remove your bin after a race and walk around in your race clothes without having to worry about any tears or loose threads created by safety pins.

One of the really cool things about BibBoards is the designs. You can go with one of their pre-made designs, which ranges from inspirational ( I went with “Run Your Own Race”) to funny (“Will Run For Wine” or even a poop emoji). You can also (very easily) create your own BibBoard by uploading your custom design through their website. This can be especially appealing if you have your own running mantra or if you want to outfit your local running club with a piece of cool custom swag.

I did test the BibBoards I received before a race just by placing old bins on different pieces of clothing but I didn’t battle test them before race day. Now, I realized I was taking a chance in doing so because worrying about your bib mid-race is the last thing anyone wants to do but my gamble paid off.

The Hot Chocolate Dallas 15K ended up being very windy for a decent portion or the race and I could feel it really pulling on my bib. I wasn’t worried that I would lose a BibBoard because when they snap together they are very sturdy but I was worried about my bib tearing. It turns out I was worried for naught. My bib held up very well. Especially compared to some other bibs that I saw after the race that had corners tear away from the safety pins they were held on by.

My recommendation is very simple. Get BibBoards. You may only ever need or want one pair but they are affordable, effective and they give you the chance to add that extra little bit of flair to your race day kit.

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